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Our unique method of trauma healing unites proven mental health practices and engagement with God through the Bible.

Tell your story of pain and grief and bring your laments to God.

Experience the love of Christ by taking your pain to the cross.

Experience healing, restoration, and reconciliation with God, self, and neighbor.

Help the church become a place of healing for others.

Some experiences in life are so painful, they cause deep and lasting suffering. That suffering is what we call “trauma”.
Trauma is a deep wound of the heart and mind that takes a long time to heal. It hurts every part of us: our relationships, our bodies, our thoughts, and our faith.
If you feel called to help
Many people want to help others heal but it takes knowledge and skill to help people who are in pain, without hurting them more. If you feel called to help others who are suffering from the pain of trauma, THI can help you: learn more about how trauma affects individuals and communities, train to become a healing group facilitator, support the work of a community of practice near you, convene people and organizations to start a new community of practice.